Support & Maintenance

Reliable and dedicated website and server support plans that grow with your website or application.

All our websites come with an easy to use admin dashboard that can be easily accessed so you can directly edit any content on your website. So these support plans are not for simple content updates – these you can do yourself.

The StartPoint support plan is more aimed at businesses that want to continuously evolve through improved user experience, features and offerings. 

The plan will include bug fixing, installing new plugins / features, improve web design and check performance.  

Our clients come and they stay! We are your StartPoint to something special.

We find the clients we take on tend to stick with us as we help them evolve and grow. This is why we like to have a dedicated support plan to accommodate this growth.

Having a support plan means that we can allocate a set period of time aside each month which will be specifically dedicated to your project. If something crops up or you have a urgent feature we can jump right onto it and put it into action.


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